Fredericton Trap & Skeet Club

Eastern Canada's Premier Sporting Clays Destination

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Code of Conduct for Members and Guests of FTSC

- It is the policy of FTSC that all members and guests, at all events
held at the club, shall treat each other with respect and make
every attempt to conduct themselves in a manner so as to not
embarrass other members and guests of FTSC by their words or

- Behaviour by anyone which has the potential to harm physically,
mentally or negatively impact the reputation of FTSC or any of its
members and guests shall not be tolerated.

- Good sportsmanship shall be observed by every member and
guest at all events sponsored by or held at FTSC.

- The ethical environment of FTSC must affirm and reflect primacy
of human dignity. It must encourage growth and achievement.

- There shall be no use of profane, vulgar or offensive language or
behaviour by any FTSC members or guests.

- Any abusive treatment of fellow shooters and/or range/or club
officials is prohibited and will not be tolerated.

- All disputes and disagreements among FTSC members and guests
shall be dealt with by following the FTSC Grievance Guidelines.