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Fredericton Trap & Skeet Club Inc.
Constitution April 1991
Amended June 11, 1991
Amended December 11, 1994
Amended, broadened and Ratified January 14, 2018

Vision: To excel in the promotion and delivery of clay target shooting opportunities for
its members and guests, with a heightened emphasis on the novice shooter.

Mission: To provide a safe and pleasurable experience to our members and guests,
encourage active participation in the operation of the club, provide instruction to
those who wish to improve their shooting abilities, encourage participation of our
youth, and to strengthen our club’s reputation throughout the shooting community
and beyond.

Article No. 1 Name:

1.1 The organization shall be known as the Fredericton Trap and Skeet Club Inc.

1.2 The name of the organization shall only be used in the best interests of the club and to
promote and exemplify the shot gunning sports.

Article No. 2 Purposes:

2.1 The organization will offer the shotgun sport disciplines of Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clay's,
and Five Stand.

2.2 The organization will entertain both the casual and the competitive interests in the shotgun
sport disciplines, based on the interest of the membership.

Article No. 3 Membership:

3.1 Membership in the organization shall be open to persons as defined in the articles of the

3.2 At the discretion of the board, a frequent visitor will be requested to take out a
membership in the club.

3.3 Membership in the organization may be withdrawn by written request to the secretary
of the Board of Directors, but dues paid shall not be refunded.

3.4 Membership in the organization may be refused, cancelled, or suspended for cause by a
majority vote of the Board of Directors, after a Hearing, notice of which is to be sent by
registered mail to the affected person/persons concerned.

3.5 A Code of Conduct and Grievance Procedure Guidelines have been created and adopted
by the Board to settle most member concerns and disputes. Copies are available upon request.
(NOTE: Currently these are recommendations, tabled until the next AGM, January 2019)
Where necessary, such concerns and disputes may be settled with the assistance of a Grievance
Committee which shall comprise as a minimum, two members of the Board. Additional club
members may also be requested to assist the Committee with the grievance process.

3.6 Membership in the organization will be open to persons in the following classes:

A. Regular membership: A resident of Canada may be a member of the organization as an
annual member upon payment of the prescribed dues and have possession of a current PAL
(Possession and Acquisition License).

B. Family membership: Traditional family living in the same household. (Father, Mother,
Son(s) and/or Daughter(s)). As well as the definition of novice. (A youth who has not
reached the age of 19 or a student enrolled in an educational or vocational program
and under the age of 25 years). A resident of Canada, payment of prescribed dues and
a current PAL.

Note : The management of F.T.S.C. Inc. recognizes that word-smithing regarding a
clear definition of “Family”, in today's society is almost undefinable. (divorce , nonmatrimonial
living arrangements, step father's / mother's, and sexual orientation to
name a few).
Therefore, any members outside the above definition, if desired, may provide by
written request for a “Family” membership, to the secretary for consideration.

C. Novice membership: A youth, who has not reached the age of 19 or a student enrolled in
an educational or vocational program under the age of 25 and a Canadian resident, may be a
member of the organization, upon payment of the prescribed dues.

D. Corporate membership: A business recognized within the statutes of the
Province of New Brunswick may have membership privileges in the organization upon payment
of the prescribed dues.

Article No. 4 Dues:

4.1 Dues for the classes of membership shall be determined by resolution of the Board of
Directors and be approved by the membership at an annual meeting.

4.2 Annual dues shall be payable on the first day of January of each year.

4.3 At the discretion of the Board, a membership will be cancelled if dues are delinquent.

Article No. 5 The Executive and Directors:

5.1 The organization shall be managed by an executive committee, elected by members of
the Board.

5.2 The Board shall consist of at least eight members with a maximum of twelve members.
The numbers in excess of eight will be at the discretion of the Board.

5.3 A. The Board shall comprise the following administrative positions:
Secretary and/or Treasurer
And a minimum of 4 directors elected from the membership.

5.3 B. Executive Positions
A member must complete one full term on the Board, before serving on the executive as
President or Vice- President.
The executive positions are: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer (or
Secretary/Treasurer - see also 5.4) and Past-President. The Past-President is to serve a minimum
of two years, after which, continuance is at the discretion of the board.

5.3 C. Directors
A minimum of four and a maximum of eight directors including the executive committee
shall form “the Board” as a whole.

5.4 At the discretion of the Board, the positions of Treasurer and Secretary may be
combined as one.

5.5 The Board shall meet at the call of the President or at the request of three members of
the Board.

5.6 A Terms of Office - Executive

President – The president may serve two consecutive two year terms, provided no other
candidate(s) come forward, after the first term. If so, a ballot election will be held. After the
second term, and without a motion at the AGM, the president may be reconfirmed by secret
ballot every two years by the membership. Presumably, the candidate should have a
demonstrated track record of running a business or other organization and has the available
time and commitment level to move the club forward.

Vice president – The term of this office is the same as a Director. The Vice-President shall serve
as Chair in the absence of the President and be given full powers of the office.

Secretary and/or Treasurer – There is no specified term for either of these positions.
Board discretion will prevail.

Past-President – see article 5.3 B

5.6 B Terms of office – Directors
Directors shall serve one (1) two year term. An additional two year term can be confirmed at
the discretion of the Board. Thereafter, directors wishing to remain on the Board, must be
reconfirmed, without a motion, and by secret ballot at the AGM.

5.7 The Board shall serve without remuneration.

5.8 If a vacancy should occur on the Board, owing to unforeseen circumstances, that
vacancy may be filled by a temporary appointment by the Board from the membership. This
position must be ratified at the next AGM by majority vote of the membership.

5.9 The administrators of FTSC shall be limited in their purchasing authority to a maximum
of $7,500.00, unless it is a previously established expense. Beyond that amount, discussions
must be held with the membership. Further, any item(s) beyond $20,000.00 affecting the future
indebtedness of the club must be brought before the membership as a whole.

Article No. 6 Meetings:

6.1 In general terms, Roberts Rules of Order shall be our guiding principal.

6.2 The Board shall conduct a meeting with the membership of the organization on an
annual basis. Additional full meetings with the membership may be held at the discretion of the

(a) The Board shall meet at the call of the President or at the request of three members of
the Board.
(b) In addition, the membership has the right to request a meeting by providing 30 days
notice in writing to the secretary, representing 20% of the membership. Each members
signature is to be included in the notice, along with the stated purpose of the meeting.

6.3 At all general meetings of the membership, including the AGM, twenty-five regular
members shall constitute a quorum.

6.4 At all meetings of the Board, provided proper notice is duly given, a simple majority of
the board shall constitute a quorum.

6.5 At all regular, executive, and/or board meetings, each member shall have only one (1)
vote. In the event of a tie, the president or chair will exercise the privilege of casting the
deciding vote. The President or Chair only obtains voting privileges in the case of a tie. Proxy
votes will not be permitted.

Article No. 7 Committees:

7.1 The Board may require the support of a committee(s) to fulfill their responsibilities. The
Board may appoint a Chair from the Board to be responsible for a committee and seek
committee members from the membership in fulfilling the responsibilities of the given
committee. All committees are to be chaired by a sitting Board member.

7.2 Committees shall serve without remuneration.

7.3 The powers of the committee shall be defined by the Board, unless previously defined.

7.4 Nominating Committee for Board positions
The Nominating Committee shall comprise the Past-President, or in their absence a sitting
Board member as chair, together with a minimum of two regular members in good standing.
Together, they will seek interested and qualified members to serve in the various roles for both
the executive and Board positions. Individual members are encouraged to suggest potential
candidates to the committee during this process. This process however, does not exclude
nominations from the floor at the AGM. Further, nominations for each position shall be called
three times before closing.

7.5 Scrutineers

NOTE: Restrictions pertaining to the individuals described herein. They are restricted from
candidating , moving , seconding , or any other mechanism involving the voting/election
process. They will however, retain the right to vote.
Two regular members in good standing, along with one (1) Board member – serving as an
“observer” shall serve as the scrutineers after each ballot is complete. The observer shall
confirm the result with the membership by verbally stating which individual is elected or not
elected with no actual numbers being disclosed. The actual numbers however, are to be given
to the secretary after the adjournment of the meeting, to be held for 30 days, and then
destroyed. In the event of a tie, following a recount, another ballot vote may be held.

Once the election is complete – the committee as a whole shall be dissolved.

Article No. 8 Fiscal Year:

8.1 The fiscal year of the organization shall be from January 1 to December 31.

Article No. 9 Signing Officers:

9.1 The signing officers of the organization shall be the President and one of the Vice-President,
Secretary or Treasurer.

Article No. 10 Auditors:

10.1 Audit Committee: Between 90 and 60 days prior to a general meeting, usually the
annual meeting, five (5) members will have the right to call for an audit, by petitioning the
Secretary in writing. The document must contain the signatures of the petitioners. This “audit”
is to be considered a records review. A general review that confirms the club’s record keeping is
in good general order.

10.1 (b) Providing the above statement is in order, the nominating chair will petition two (2)
regular members to serve on this committee, along with one board member to serve as chair. A
vacancy may be filled by board appointment.

10.1 (c) Three members of the board have the right to call for an audit at any time.

Article No. 11 Amendments:

11.1 Any article may be amended by majority vote from the membership at a meeting of the
membership provided that a notice of the motion, naming the mover and seconder, has been
given to the secretary within 30 days for inclusion in the notice of such a meeting.

Article No. 12 Safety:

12.1 All members and/or individuals who actively participate in events sanctioned by the
Fredericton Trap and Skeet Club Inc. or groups that rent our facility, are to follow all safe gun
and ammunition handling practices as prescribed by the Board. Eye and ear protection is
mandatory. Safety is to be paramount for all users.

12.2 The Fredericton Trap and Skeet Club Inc. shall maintain a liability insurance policy for the
protection of the membership and guests, as well as, an officers and directors liability policy.

Article No. 13 Policies:

13.1 A: The Board of Directors shall adopt a series of policies, all be it subject to amendment
from time to time, for the operation of the Fredericton Trap and Skeet Club. These policies shall
be visibly displayed at all times and shall have binding powers on the members and their guests.
These policies are to be ratified at each subsequent AGM.

13.1 B: A Code of Conduct policy has been developed for members and guests to which we
should all aspire. (See NOTE, Article 3.5)

13.1 C: The Board of FTSC has also developed guidelines with reference to grievance
procedures. (See NOTE, Article 3.5)