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Updated September. 26/2017

    The Royal New Brunswick Rifle Association Provincial Shotgun Championship Shoot

    L-R RNBRA’s Conrad Leroux, HOA winner Tom White and FTSC President Laurence Gilbey.

    September. 23, 2017 - FTSC held its final formal shoot of 2017 on Saturday September 23 when the club hosted the Royal New Brunswick Rifle Association Provincial Shotgun Championship Shoot. A total of 47 shooters from clubs in the region attended the shoot which was held under abnormally warm conditions for late September. However, we will all bear this in mind come the cold and snow of the not-so-far-off winter. The shoot comprised 25 skeet targets, 25 trap targets and 50 sporting clays targets.

    Justin Faulkner once again brought the Gun Dealer mobile shop to the shoot replete with a great selection of fine shotguns, ammunition and a broad range of other shooting accessories. Again, much appreciated – Ross and Justin!

    RNBRA’s Conrad Leroux was on hand to present trophy plaques to the winners, whose names will also be inscribed on the permanent plaque in our clubhouse.

    Both Tom White of the Pennfield Club and John Roberts of FTSC shot 90’s. However, high overall was captured by Tom White as he won the shoot-off on the skeet field, leaving John Roberts as first runner up. Coming in close behind at 89 was Kevin Smith of FTSC who has only recently begun shooting, and clearly has been enjoying great success. High women’s score of 71 was posted by Tracy Roberts of FTSC, while the Junior Champ was Lucas McCollum of FTSC with 79.

    Once again, thanks go to Brian Lewis, Eugene Bilodeau, Tim Hicks, Rachel Clarke and all of the other club members who lent a hand to make the shoot successful.

    A lunch of delicious hamburgers was again provided by Nancy and Gary Gallop from our BBQ kiosk.

    We wish to thank all of the many, many shooters who attended our competitive shotgun events this season and look forward to seeing them again in 2018!

    Our final shoot of 2017 will be an informal fun shoot – our Christmas Charity Shoot from which we make a financial contribution to one of the many deserving charities in the Fredericton region. This year the Christmas Charity shoot will be held on Sunday December 3.

    In the meantime stay tuned through our website for news on upcoming events in 2018.

    RNBRA Photo Gallery



    Fredericton Trap & Skeet Club represented at Canadian National Sporting Clays Championship

    Alberta - FTSC Team - Clockwise from 12 o'clock - Brian Lewis, Lucas McCollum, Justin Faulkner, Cathy hayes and Adam Hayes.

    August. 24, 2017 - The membership of the Fredericton Trap & Skeet Club is pleased to announce that three members of our club, Brian Lewis, Justin Faulkner and Lucas McCollum travelled to this national event in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Held from the 24th to the 27th of August, fellow New Brunswick shooters, Adam and Cathy Hayes, from the Tennants Cove Club also represented our provincial team. We stand proud with the achievements that they have made to further our sport regionally and nationally.

    As this shoot was sanctioned by the National Sporting Clays Association, we are proud to announce that Brian Lewis won his class and Lucas McCollum (15 years old) won the sub-junior championship.  Our regional NSCA representative, George McAuley was also attending this event.

    As a club vested in the promotion and enrichment of our junior shooters, we wish to thank all the dedicated people who made it possible for Lucas to attend this sporting clay experience. We also wish to acknowledge the Gun Dealer (Ross and Justin Faulkner) for their past and continuing support of our club and the shotgun sports.

    With an atmosphere of collegiality and unity, our club’s objective is to create the required momentum to further advance the shotgun shooting sports in Atlantic Canada.

    Laurence Gilbey


    Browning New Brunswick Open Sporting Clays Championship

    Shawn Stitt accepts the HOA award from FTSC President Laurence Gilbey.

    August. 12, 2017 - The 2017 edition of the Browning New Brunswick Open Sporting Clays Championship was held on Saturday August 12 under perfect weather conditions. A total of 138 shooters attended the 100 target shoot representing clubs in Nova Scotia and Québec, as well as New Brunswick. Once again Brian Lewis, Eugene Bilodeau and the other members of FTSC’s dedicated Sporting Clays Committee provided entrants with an interesting mixture of stations – some vaguely familiar, some challenging, and others rather deceptive. Nevertheless the mixture was lauded as a great course by many of the shooters.

    Once again Browning Arms played a major role in ensuring the shoot was a most successful venture for FTSC. We were especially glad to see Jack Keeley, long time regional representative for Browning who has recently retired. His son Ron has now taken over from father, thereby keeping the Keeley connection with Browning in the family. Working with Jack and Ron at the shoot were perennial supporters Ross and Justin Faulkner, of The Gun Dealer, who once again brought their mobile shop complete with a great selection of Browning shotguns and other fine Browning products.

    Special thanks to Jack, Ron, Ross and Justin for providing a magnificent Browning safe, tickets for which have been on sale at FTSC since this Spring. The winning ticket belonged to Wayne Wainwright, father of one of rising junior stars, Matthew Wainwright. As well, the Browning Team provided a handsome Browning Maxus shotgun, and everyone who entered the shoot was eligible to win. Darren Bishop was the lucky winner of this fine prize. A variety of other Browning products was also provided by the Browning Team, all of which were claimed by lucky winners whose names were drawn.

    A masterful HOA performance was delivered by Shawn Stitt of Montréal who posted a 96/100 for the day. 1st runner up was Robert Sidler from FTSC who broke 90. Close behind at 89 was 2nd RU, Chris McLaughlin of the Tennants Cove Club. Women’s Champion for the day with 80 was Cathy Hayes, also of the Tennants Cove Club. Junior Champion was Lucas McCollum of FTSC who posted a 79.

    Thanks once again to Rachel Clarke and other club members who helped with tabulating and posting the scores and determining the NSCA Canada Class Winners receiving medals. A group photo of the class winners was taken and will be available on the NSCA Canada website along with the names of the winners.

    Also once again, Nancy and Gary Gallop provided hungry shooters with a great lunch of burgers with all the fixin’s.

    This was the last of FTSC’s 100 target sporting clays shoots for 2017. We have been very pleased with the response we have received this year from sporting clays enthusiasts from all over eastern Canada and Maine. We are immensely grateful for their support as well as the continued support of our sponsors who have been very generous with their presence.

    Our next and final formal event for 2017 will be the Royal New Brunswick Rifle Association Provincial Shotgun Championship Shoot on Saturday September 23rd. The RNBRA shoot comprises 25 skeet, 25 trap and 50 sporting clays targets. We look forward to seeing you all there!

    Browning Photo Gallery


    22nd Annual Beretta Atlantic Sporting Clays Challenge

    President Laurence Gilbey with shoot champ Shawn Stitt

    July. 02, 2017 - The 22nd Annual Beretta Atlantic Sporting Clays Challenge was held on Sunday July 2nd under ideal weather conditions. This 100 target event over 14 stations attracted 128 shooters from the Maritimes, as well as from Ontario and Quebec.  FTSC President, Laurence Gilbey commented that this event, which was the brainchild of the late George Lindsay and the legendary Ray Woodill, marked the beginning of our Club’s  growth and development.  The enthusiastic devotion of our members has been the key to ensuring our continued success.

    We were particularly pleased to have Beretta Canada’s Pedro Bonifacio join us for the day. Pedro remarked that this FTSC event, and others, have been widely recognized for their contribution to the development of sporting clays in the Maritimes and beyond. Pedro was joined by George McAuley, the area representative for Beretta firearms, as well as Ross Faulkner, The Gun Dealer, who once again brought his mobile shop, as well as a complete display of fine Beretta shotguns for us to view, handle and purchase.  Special thanks are offered to Ross and the folks from Beretta for also donating a $2,800 Beretta A400 Xcel Sporting Clays shotgun which was won on a draw by Bob Little from McAdam.

    HOA for the day was posted by Shawn Stitt from Montreal who blistered our course with a score of 97. First Runner-up was Chris McLaughlin from Tennants Cove who shot 89. Lucas McCollum of FTSC was the second Runner-up, also with a score of 89, but had a shorter run than Chris. Lucas, who had not yet turned 15, was also the Junior Champion. High score for the ladies went to Cathy Hayes from Tennants Cove with 87.

    Sincere thanks go to Brian Lewis, Eugene Bilodeau, Tim Hicks, Shawn Haley, Ray Boucher and Ralph Perry for their considerable efforts in ensuring that we had a worthy course for the shoot. As has happened previously, the weather on the day prior to the shoot was less than hospitable, which complicated the many tasks needed to get the course ready. All agreed that it was indeed a “good course” with some vaguely familiar targets and several that were not – the kind of diversity that challenges us and keeps us interested!

    A special thanks goes to John Mossman and the folks at Hawkins Equipment Ltd who graciously loaned the club the use of a Polaris 570 Ranger 4X4 to help move machines and targets into position on the course. Shawn Haley gladly took responsibility for thoroughly washing the ATV before returning it to the Hawkins shop.

    Thanks to Rachel Clarke and other club members who helped with tabulating and posting the scores and determining the NSCA Canada Class Winners receiving medals. A group photo of the class winners was taken and will be available on the NSCA Canada website along with the names of the winners.

    Once again, Nancy and Gary Gallop were on site to provide hungry shooters with a great lunch of burgers.

    Our next shoot is the 100 target Browning – New Brunswick Open – Sporting Clays Championship to be held on Saturday August 12. Pre-registration is required and entry forms are available on our website:

    See  you there!

    Beretta Photo Gallery


    2017 Winchester Ammunition Open Classic Shoot

    HOA shooter Brian Lewis with President Laurence Gilbey.

    June, 2017 - FTSC embarked on a new venture for the Club’s annual June Sporting Clays Shoot. Specifically, the Winchester Ammunition Open Classic Shoot was held over a two-day period. On Saturday June 10, the Day 1 Shoot was in the familiar format in which squads of 5 competed individually on the 100 target, 12 station course. A total of 100 entrants from the Maritime Provinces and Maine were presented with an interesting and challenging course, but an enjoyable one nevertheless. We are especially thankful for the support from Winchester Ammunition and the company’s Regional Representative, Darren Hasson. Each of the entrants was given a box of Winchester AA Super Sport sporting clays ammunition at registration. Moreover, flats of AA ammunition were provided as prizes for the top three shooters of the day. A special sale price for AA ammunition was also offered by Ross Faulkner, The Gun Dealer who once again brought his mobile shop to the club with its full complement of Browning, Beretta, Perazzi, Kreighoff and Blaser fine sporting clays shotguns. George McAuley, the Regional Representative for Beretta firearms was also on hand with a great display of the latest models of sporting clays and other shotguns.

    Bev Brown and Pam Love once again hosted a great steak dinner with all the “fixin’s”.

    This NSCA Registered Shoot was also the first in the 2017 Atlantic Series of sporting clays shoots in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. HOA for the Day 1 shoot went to Brian Lewis of FTSC with a score of 89. First Runner-Up was Chris McLaughlin of the Tenants Cove Club with 83. There were three scores of 80 posted by Jason Thomas and Ralph Grant from Nova Scotia, and by David Larkin from Maine. However, Jason had the longest consecutive run and was therefore declared Second Runner-Up. The top women’s score of 74 was posted by Cathy Hayes of Tenant’s Cove and the Junior Champion was Lucas McCollum of FTSC with 75.

    NSCA Class Winners were presented with medals by George McAuley, the NSCA Regional Representative and their scores and group photo are posted on the NSCA Canada web site.

    Many thanks are due to Brian Lewis, Eugene Bilodeau, Tim Hicks, Ray Boucher who set the course and did so under adverse weather conditions on the previous day. Thanks also to Rachel Clarke for her excellent job at tabulating and posting the scores.

    The Winchester Day 2 Shoot was a team event in which eight teams with five shooters each competed, with the top four scores of each team counted towards the total. Teams shot 100 targets on the 5-Stand course, followed by another 100 targets on the Sporting Clays course. HOA for the 5-Stand course with a score of 274/400 went to the “Tenants Cove Team” of Nick Howarth, Chris McLaughlin, Cathy Hayes, Adam Hayes and Jason Thomas. The Runner-up “FTSC Team” of David Larkin, Laurence Gilbey, John Roberts, Darren Hasson and Brian Lewis posted a score of 267.

    On the Sporting Clays course, the positions were reversed with the “FTSC Team being HOA with a score of 290/400 and the “Tenants Cove Team as RU with a score of 283/400. While the Day 2 Shoot was not an NSCA sanctioned event, medals were awarded along with Winchester AA ammunition.

    Thanks to Mike McNeill for the superb job he did on the Sunday cooking burgers for the hungry shooters!

    Thanks to all who participated and we look forward to seeing you once again at our next major shoot which is the Beretta Atlantic Sporting Clays Challenge being held on Sunday July 2. Pre-registration is required and that entry form can also be downloaded from our website.

    Winchester Ammunition Open Classic Shoot Photo Gallery


    2017 FTSC Novice Program

    Instructors and Directors of the Fredericton Trap & Skeet Club pose with students of the 2017 Novice Program.

    April, 2017 - Our club has recently concluded it’s annual Novice Program. I would like to thank the program’s chairperson Mike Stairs for his many contributions and organizational skills, in making this years version, a successful endeavour. To the dedicated members who offered their qualified assistance over the four Saturday’s, your help was indispensible and much appreciated. Also worthy of honourable mention are the late George Lindsay and past president Bev Bacon who created and envisioned this teaching tool for our youth, over 10 years ago. Thanks also go to our supporting sponsors and affiliates, Winchester Ammunition, The Gun Dealer and The Ruffed Grouse Society. It is our intention to enhance the strengths and rewards that this program is offering to our young shooters and make them future ambassadors of our sport.

    Laurence Gilbey

    Novice Program Photo Gallery


    12th Annual Ruffed Grouse Society Maritime Clays Challenge

    HOA John Roberts with Brent Porter, President of the Fredericton Chapter of the RGS

    May. 07, 2017 - Because of the downpour on Saturday May 6, the Ruffed Grouse Society Challenge 100 target NSCA Registered sporting clays shoot was moved to Sunday May 8. The change in date meant only a few entrants were unable to attend, and in the end we had 81 shooters from regional clubs enjoy a great day of shooting under sunny skies with only light breezes. The course, set by Brian Lewis, offered a good mixture of interesting, sometimes deceiving, targets to challenge the shooters. All agreed it was a fun course and a great start to FTSC’s Sporting Clays Season.

    John Lockerbie, the RGS Canadian Coordinator was on hand to introduce Brent Porter, President of the Fredericton Chapter of the RGS who presented trophies to the winners. Once again, RGS also provided an excellent assortment of prizes available on a draw. In addition, RGS offered, by raffle, the choice of either a Weatherby O/U or autoloader shotgun which was won by Dick Platt. Funds raised by this shoot are important in helping to support RGS’ programs.

    The HOA went to John Roberts of FTSC who posted an 83; first runner-up was Eldon Belyea of FTSC with 82, and second RU was Adam Hayes of Tenants Cove with 80. Ladies Champ was Cathy Hayes from Tenants Cove with 78. The Junior Winner was Lucas McCollum of FTSC with a 78. Keeping with tradition, RGS also offered a trophy to the highest scorer who shot with a side-by-side. John Roberts was also the winner for this event.

    George McAuley, our Regional Representative for the National Sporting Clays Association (Canada) was on hand to present medals to class winners whose names will appear on the NSCA website. A group photo of the many winners was taken at the conclusion of the event.

    Sincere thanks are due to many club members and others who made the day a great success. First to Brian Lewis and his SC course team, who despite tough weather conditions, were able to prepare a first class course for the event. Thanks to RGS’s John Lockerbie and Brent Porter, as well as their committee members for providing a great selection of prizes. Rachel Clarke once again helped by ensuring the scores were properly posted in a timely manner; as well, she helped George McAuley in determining the NSCA medal winners. Thanks to Ross and Justin Faulkner for bringing the Gun Dealer mobile shop to the shoot and for the great display of Krieghoff, Blaser, Browning and other fine shotguns and shooting accessories. Once again, Nancy and Gary Gallop were on site to provide hungry shooters with a great lunch of burgers.

    Our next shoot, actually shoots, takes/take place on Saturday June 10 and Sunday June 11. These two-day shoots are sponsored by Winchester Ammunition and are a new experiment for FTSC. The Saturday Shoot is the NSCA registered Winchester Ammunition Open Classic Shoot, and is also the first shoot in the Atlantic Series of Sporting Clays Shoots. Sunday’s Shoots are the Winchester Ammunition Team Shoot and the Winchester Ammunition Five-Stand Challenge. Details are provided in the Shoot Schedule tab on our website. Pre-registration is required and places will fill up quickly.

    As always, we look forward to seeing old friends and new visitors come to shoot at our events!

    RGS Photo Gallery


    George Lindsay Memorial Skeet Shoot (mini 4 gun)

    Winner Dave Larkin receiving trophy from President Laurence Gilbey

    April. 23, 2017 - This year’s edition of the annual FTSC George Lindsay Memorial Four-Gun Skeet Shoot was held on April 23, Fortunately the 10cm+ snow from the previous day had mostly melted; however the weather was raw and cold and undoubtedly had an influence on posted scores of some shooters. A total of 20 participants entered the shoot, although not all were NSSA members, nor did they all shoot all four gauges. Nevertheless, it was great to see shooters come  out to honour the memory of one of the club’s “founding fathers” and indeed a venerable skeetsman who contributed much to the success of our club during his lifetime.

    The HOA of 193/200 was posted by Dave Larkin from Bangor, while second with 181 went to Brian Lewis of FTSC, and third place with a score of 170 was posted by Brian Urquhart also of FTSC and Grand Manan.

    The noon hour pizza lunch was once again a hit with the shooters and, no doubt, helped ward off the chilly temperatures.

    Our next major shoot of 2017 is the 12th Annual Ruffed Grouse Society Maritime Clays Challenge which will take place on Saturday, May 6. The shoot is limited to 150 entrants and pre-registration, available on our website, is required. We look forward to seeing you at this first of our major sporting clays events of 2017.

    2017 Preferred Hotel Rates for Visitors


    February. 20, 2017 - In order to take advantage of these special accomodation rates please print the document by clicking the link below and provide a signed copy during check-in


    2017 FTSC Novice Program


    January. 22, 2017 - FTSC Novice Program page has been updated! To access the latest information on the program please access the link below.


    2017 FTSC Annual General Meeting


    January. 08, 2017 - Annual General Meeting will be held at the FTSC Clubhouse on Sunday, January 8th @ 10:30 am. Storm date is January 15th and the meeting is open to members only. Membership renewals accepted after the meeting